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Lake Tahoe Violin Weddings (Chris Waechter) is an original contemporary musician in Reno, Nevada. Initially classically trained, he has incorporated rock, pop, country, jazz, and alternative into his extraordinary performances.

Waechter has been extensively involved in music from age five. Beginning on piano, his new passion for the viola initiated a promising string career. When he was twelve years old he began taking lessons under the influential Munjoon Alison of the New West Symphony and with Barbara Corbato of the Grand Rapids Symphony through college.

Chris received a music scholarship during his college career and has appeared at The Cave, The Ventura Artwalk, The Henry Ford Museum, the Reagan Library, the Historic Thunderbird, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, the Chart House, Devos and Brown Bag Showcases, Revivus Music Festival, the Venice Canals, on the streets of Denver, Lincoln, Santa Monica, Ventura, Holland, South Lake Tahoe, Charleston, Santa Barbara, and at various colleges. He has also played with groups such as the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra, Charmante String Quartet, Hope College Symphony, Chapel Band, Steve Talaga, and The Brilliance. The Emerson String Quartet, Trio Solisti, and Brentana String Quartet master classes also provided his exceptional playing style that he brings to his audiences.

Waechter plays live and incorporates hit songs into a contemporary orchestra accompanying solo. He has stopped cars on the streets and left people wondering in amazement with his engaging and exceptional shows.
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